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Daniel Bucic

Founder of FeelGood-Coach

I played football all my life and never had to worry about my weight. However, as life goes on, stones were put in my way and I had to stop my passion in 2012.

The body thanked me in no way, and I gained a mere 17Kg within 5-6 months.

Everyday life became more and more unbearable and I had to fight with the first back problems. In addition to my health problems, I often caught myself tucking my stomach in front of customers. To daily customer gifts in the form of chocolate or pasta I said no, as well as I said to eat no, that something looked greasier. I only fed on the essentials and could no longer lose weight.

It was over, finally 98 kg were on the scales and I decided to change my life.

I graduated in 2012 a personal training for certified nutritional trainer, extra-occupational, from, educated me with another 2-3 readings and went my way.

After 12 weeks, I stood with 17 kg less and did not recognize me again.

Of course my friends, colleagues and clients watched my change and became curious. During this time I discovered my talent for empathy and the understanding of different life situations, and always found a way to make people right.

After a few months, her life changed and I was personally recommended.

Many have previously tried a number of programs and told me that they have always been told what they have to eat and that it was always the same, so I came up with the idea to develop a concept in which one deals with the customer so far, so he independently can work with the diet.

Dr. Martina Ortbauer

Coach for group training / company seminars

"Who wants to make recommendations, should also understand the background"

I am a passionate scientist and always enthusiastic to pass on this knowledge. Currently, I teach doctors, dieticians, aspiring nutritionists, and I also want to help people who find it difficult to connect to a healthy diet. Diet and exercise affect well-being, health, sleep, performance and figure.

Unfortunately, many important questions remain unanswered or are not asked at all. I want to support you to achieve your personal goals! We have no questions left.

Professional Activities: Teaching, Research & Education:

  • Consulting: Trade according to §19 GewO 1994: Life and social counseling, limited to nutritional advice
  • FH Technikum Wien
  • Flexyfit Sports Academy
  • WIFI Wien
  • AENGUS Akademie

University Assistant (PostDoc) at the Department of Nutrition Science

  • University of Wien (2011-2015)
  • Scientific Research & Teaching (VO, SE, UE)
  • Nutritional Physiology, Genetics and Metabolic Diseases
  • Doctorate in Biochemistry / Molecular Biology (2001-2005)
  • Study of Ecology / Biochemistry (1995-2000)

Daniel Bucic


Dr. Martina Ortbauer